31 Jan 2022

Release v1.10.1

New features

  • Add checkbox to accept security specifications to sign up form

10 Jan 2022

Release v1.10.0

New features

  • T03: Time series can now be imported to boundaries from T10
  • T03: Implement option to exclude wells completely from the calibration view
  • T03: Implement possibility to fetch digital elevation models from Microsoft Azure
  • T07: Boundary stress period data in scenarios can now be changed by percentage
  • T10: Implement aggregation in time processing


  • T03: Fix model import
  • T07: Scenarios can be edited again
  • Performance improvements

16 Nov 2021

Release v1.9.2

New Features

  • T03: Plot date-time values in boundary details view
  • T03: Add time series chart to the calibration view
  • T10: Automatic update of time and value processing
  • T20: Add possibility to save as T03 instance


  • T03 instances are now shown in the admin panel and can be deleted
  • T10: Various fixes

22 Oct 2021

Release v1.9.1

  • T03: Fix time-series view
  • T03: Fix concentration results
  • T03: Implement CSV export for time series
  • T10: Refactor and fix various bugs
  • T15: Keep consistency in labeling, invert colors for results graphs, replace “Sine Fit Results” with “Results”, correct names in results table, roundup to integer values in Residence Time columns

20 Aug 2021

Release v1.9.0

  • T03: Implement grid refinement
  • T03: Standardize CSV-Import
  • T03: Speed up mfPackages calculation
  • Several bug fixes

05 Jul 2021

Release v1.8.2

  • T15: Fix numbers were parsed as strings in treatment processes
  • T19: Sync result diagrams
  • T20: Modflow model is now being cloned when using it in real-time modelling

04 Jun 2021

Release v1.8.0

  • T03: Activate/Deactivate boundaries for calculation
  • T03: Fix importing head to start
  • T03: Better scaling of y-axis in results view
  • T15: Various improvements and fixes

16 Apr 2021

Release v1.7.0

  • Implement T15: Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment
  • T03: Show Hob-Names in Tooltips
  • T19: Fix interpolation method

25 Jan 2021

Release v1.6.0



  • T03, Show changes in Boundary import and allow the user to keep old boundaries
  • T03, Results: Implement time-series view for selected cells
  • T03, Soilmodel: Implement raster download
  • T03, Soilmodel: Show information pane, when clicking on a cell
  • Improve admin section
  • Implement T20 Real-time modeling

Bug fixes:

  • T03: Automatically remove negative cells