Stefan, C., Glass, J. (2019)
Web-based real-time monitoring and modeling of managed aquifer recharge applications.
Presentation at European Innovation Platform (EIP Water Conference 2019). Side event on: “Managed aquifer recharge as a real climate change adaptation mechanism. Examples and indicators from five continents”. Zaragoza, Spain, 11 December 2019.


The project SMART-Control introduces a new approach in the monitoring of managed aquifer recharge schemes: data is collected in-situ by a range of sensors and monitoring probes and sent in real time to a dedicated web-server. From here, the values are transmitted via FTP to the INOWAS platform, a free web-based platform for planning, management and optimization of managed aquifer recharge applications ( The platform includes simulation tools of various degree of complexity, from simply empirical and analytical tool to numerical tools and optimization algorithms. In the new SMART-Control project, a new set of tools are developed: a tool for initial risk assessment of MAR schemes, an advanced monitoring tool, a real-time simulation tool based on MODFLOW and sensor data, and a scenarios management tool for prognosis and forecasts.

This presentation introduces the main principles behind the real-time monitoring tool and described the features and workflow of the MODFLOW-based numerical modelling tool. Currently under development, the real-time, web-based groundwater modelling tool will expand the functionality of the existing modelling platform by interconnecting the sensor data with the web- based groundwater models. This will provide for real-time numerical simulations of the impact of MAR on local and regional groundwater systems and will enable different groups of stakeholders to collaborate on development and assessment of MAR solutions.