T07. MODFLOW model scenario manager

This tool offers the possibility to analyze and compare user-defined model scenarios with each other.

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The scenario analyzer gives different possibilities to analyze the calibrated numerical groundwater flow (and transport) model which was setup with the help of tool T03. MODFLOW model setup and editorFurthermore, scenarios can be built by cloning a base-case model or previous calculated scenarios and changing relevant boundary conditions. The results of various scenarios can be subsequently compared.


To start a new scenario analysis, go to the results section of your calculated numerical flow model (T03. MODFLOW model setup and editor). Be aware, that this model will be handled as “Base Case” in the scenario analysis.


A calibrated groundwater flow (and transport) model, here referred to as Base Case Scenario, can be cloned.

The new scenario can be renamed (title and description) and relevant boundary conditions can be edited in the Model Editor View (which looks the same as T03). To reach the Model Editor View, click on “Edit”.  The new scenario can than be run to receive simulation results with the modified boundary conditions. After the model run, click on “Return to Scenario Analysis” (in the top of the window) to compare the results of the various scenarios.

Scenarios can be checked (blue) and unchecked (white) to view the results in the main window of the application.

In contrast to a Base Case Scenario, the new scenario can also be deleted within this tool.


Model results from various scenarios can be viewed and compared. At the moment, these include groundwater levels and drawdown of the various layers.

Cross Section

Cross sections at user-specified locations allow the comparison of simulation results for the selected model layer at a specified time step.

The user can decide which scenarios should be compared and can choose multiple scenarios for comparison.

The map shows the groundwater heads or drawdown for the selected scenarios. In the bottom a horizontal and a vertical cross section are displayed comparing the drawdown or groundwater head for the chosen scenarios.

Scenario difference — to be implemented —

The scenarios difference view allows to display the groundwater level changes between various scenarios at a specified time step. The user needs to choose two scenarios from the list as well as the time step for which the scenarios will be compared.

Time series –to be implemented —

The time series view was developed to display the groundwater head over time at user-specified locations for various scenarios. The user can define multiple locations and choose various scenarios for comparison.


Download our tutorial and learn step-by-step how to use the INOWAS tool “T07. MODFLOW model scenario manager”  for your project. Please be aware, that it is required to setup and run a numerical groundwater model using Tool T03. MODFLOW model setup and editor before a scenario analysis can be started.

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